Buying a house is likely to be one of the largest financial commitments you will ever make, and if you want a good understanding of the condition of your potential new property, then you should consider having a building survey carried out.
My Mortgage Lender Has Carried Out A Valuation Survey, Why Do I Need A Survey Of My Own?
If you need a mortgage to buy your new home, then your Mortgage Lender will normally require a valuation survey to be carried out. This is not a survey, but an assessment of the security of the property for loan purposes for the benefit of the Lender. It answers only the Lender's questions concerning the appropriate security for the loan, and not your own questions regarding your personal interest in the property.
Why Choose BDS?
A survey carried out by a Chartered Building Surveyor will provide you with the advice you need to make an informed decision to proceed with the intended purchase of your property. We offer a full building survey (formally known to many as a structural survey) which is our own formatted report, and will advise on the nature of construction of each element of the property, list it's condition and obviously any defects encountered, and where appropriate, give guidance as to the scope of any remedial works necessary. The appropriate time to instruct a survey is within the period between having an offer on a property accepted and exchanging contracts. Typically surveys are undertaken within one week of instruction, with a report issued within one week of the survey.

Great, How Can I Take This Further? 


The cost for the pre survey will be £175 this will be a morning or afternoon visit. Yon will need to arrange a visit time and arrange payment with ourself. Full days are available for larger properties.


, using language which is readily understandable. Upon reading the report, matters may come to light which you hadn't considered during your viewings, and therefore you are at liberty to contact the Surveyor and discuss any matters arising at no additional expense. Our goal is to provide you with a prompt and thorough appraisal of your prospective home.

We do not offer the RICS Home Buyers Survey and Valuation Report, primarily because the valuation element is not within the scope of services we offer. Also, in our experience, at the time of commissioning the survey, buyers are sufficiently informed about property values in judging their offer, and are primarily concerned with potential building defects or maintenance issues.