What Can Increase/Decrease the Cost of the roof repair?

email your photos of the roof damage for a fast price.

Text and ask for email address for photos to Be sent to. 

please add adderss so we can view on google street view.

Here is a list of all the variables will take into consideration when preparing a cost/price:

  • The size or repair needed one tile or more
  • If scaffold is required to carry out repairs
  • If the tiles can be reached from gutter height or cat ladder neded
  • Will the scaffold be needed to carry out repairs
  • If the tiles can be easily sourced from local roofing yards
  • Does any cement need to to be removed and replaced to change tile ot slate
  • The overall condition of roof – will removing a few tiles have to be done from sponges to prevent more damage

How Difficult is it to Replace a Roof Tile Anyway? How Long Will the Work Take?

Replacing a single roof tile will take no more than a few minutes if it’s easily accessible and there is no cement to replace/repair. We carry out small repairs from £60 

The roof repair could take longer if under a ridge tile or a scaffold needs to go up and cement is needed to bed the tiles back in place.

Example Price – One to Five Broken Tiles | Easy Access | No Problems Sourcing Tiles

You have less than five broken tiles on the roof and replacements can be easily sourced from local suppliers. There are no access issues, and scaffold is not required. The work should take no more than two hours the price. £140